A cohousing community in Chico, California

Welcome to

Valley Oaks



Who we are

Valley Oaks Village is a neighborhood of people of diverse ages and backgrounds who share a desire to live in a cohesive community. Our neighborhood provides a sense of neighborliness and extended family support that provides a healthy and supportive neighborhood alternative for ourselves and our children. About 50 adults and 20 children live here, ages 0 to 80+. We have frequent opportunities for interaction, from daily encounters walking to and from the community building or parking lot to community meals and celebrations. Residents also participate in the many different activities necessary to keep the neighborhood functioning, proving the axiom "Many hands make light work!" Valley Oaks Village was designed using the Cohousing model, built in 1996 with 28 homes on about 5 acres near Chico's lovely Bidwell Park. We have numerous shared amenities, such as a large community building with kitchen, eating/party room, guest room, rec room, laundry, as well as a pool, sauna, workshop, playground, pond, gardens and orchards. The neighborhood was designed to promote interactions between residents with picturesque pathways, benches and gathering areas.



Meals, celebrations, and just being here for one another are some of the things we do together